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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Manufacturers of Wood Finishes to HM The Queen

We have manufactured wood lacquers, coatings and finishes since 1902, where a small London-based company became today's largest manufacturer of wood finishing products in the UK. What started as simple lacquers and waxes has grown into a highly varied range of high performance Pre-Catalyst, Acid-Catalyst, Waterborne, UV-curable, and coatings and finishes.

With a strong British heritage, high performance products and reliable service and technical support, we were awarded a Royal Warrant in January 2012, appointing us as Manufacturers of Wood Finishes to HM The Queen. This was the culmination of a continuous supply of high quality wood coatings and finishes from our broad manufactured range.

Morrells also offer a strong range of Architectural Coatings, which includes the Euro Class B-s1,d0 xerofire® Intumescent Fire-Retardant system and omnia® Exterior Joinery Coating system, as well as induro® Flooring Lacquers, holzol® Wood Oils and medicote® Antimicrobial Furniture Lacquers.

We are an internationally recognised, independent manufacturer of high performance wood coatings and finishing products for the wood finishing industry. We supply every sector of this industry, including joinery, furniture, flooring, fire retardancy, protection and more. We constantly develop new products and improve existing ones to ensure that our products meet the ever rising demands of an advancing industry.

Over the course of more than 100 years, we have developed a wide variety of Acid-Catalyst, Pre-Catalyst, Polyester, Fire-Retardant and Waterbourne coatings, as well as Polyurethanes, Oils and Stains. These products can be colour-matched to an existing swatch, or formulated as a completely bespoke colour from any sample under our Fastmatch® brand. To accompany our coatings, we established our own Sprayshop® brand of consumables, accessories and equipment, distributed nationwide with our coatings via our Morrells-Sprayshop® branches.

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Morrells builds and cherishes strong long term relationships with our customers at every level and in all departments. Personal attention, after-sales service and technical back-up are cornerstones of the business. Our Business Managers are trained professionals handling all customers' technical and commercial enquiries. The Technical Service Team provides additional support to customers in all aspects of finishing, problem solving and efficient production techniques. They also run our Wood Finishing Academy, conduct product demonstrations and assist customers with on-site training.

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Our Wood Finishing Brands

A unique range of fire-retardant, professional wood finishing products formulated to upgrade (or maintain) the fire class of a wide variety of wood-based substrates, including veneered panels, solid hard- and softwoods, plywood, MDF and wood-composite boards. The xerofire® Fire Retardant Coatings system comprises of a 2K Waterborne Fire Retardant Basecoat/Primer in combination with a 2K Acid Catalyst Clear/Colour topcoat providing a high quality, furniture-grade finish.

  1. Class 0, BS476 Part 6 and 7
  2. Class B-s1,d0
  3. Exceptional clarity

xerofire® Fire-Retardant Clear Systems provide exceptional clarity and are suitable for use with most solid timbers, veneers, MDF and composite boards, giving the architect, specifier and designer a wide range of substrate options.

How do xerofire® fire retardant coatings work?

During a fire, the fire retardant basecoat/primer swells to form an insulating charcoal layer. This layer prevents oxygen and heat from reaching the substrate, preventing ignition.

  1. Heat initiates degradation of the coating at around 250°C
  2. The fire retardant reacts to form char
  3. The char expands
  4. Expansion prevents heat from reaching substrate
  5. Char eventually solidifies

xerofire® Systems

xerofire® Clear and xerofire®HP Clear fire retardant systems offer class-leading, exceptional clarity, making them an ideal choice when one would like to take advantage of the natural beauty of timbers and veneers.

xerofire® Fire Retardant wood finishing systems from Morrells are class-leading, professional systems providing a high quality, exceptionally clear, furniture-grade finish with National Class 0 accreditation as well as EN Euro Reaction to Fire Class B-s1,d0, the best possible Euro reaction to fire performance rating for a system of this type.

xerofire®HP Clear - the second generation xerofire® Clear Fire Retardant wood finishing system, requiring only a single coat of isolator, basecoat and topcoat. This High Performance system gives the same exceptional clarity, furniture-grade finish and class-leading fire-retardancy with greatly reduced application time.

  1. xerofire®HP Clear - a singe-coat basecoat, single-topcoat fire retardant wood finishing system, offering exceptional, class-leading clarity and quick turnaround.
  2. xerofire® Clear - a double-coat basecoat, single top-coat fire retardant wood finishing system, offering exceptional, class-leading clarity.
  3. xerofire® Colour - a double-coat white primer, single pigmented top-coat fire retardant wood finishing system.

xerofire® Products

  1. xerofire® Isolator - a clear barriercoat to prevent potential discolouration from acid-sensitive timbers
  2. xerofire® Basecoat - a clear waterborne basecoat for use under xerofire® Clear topcoat
  3. xerofire®HP Basecoat - a single-coat clear waterborne basecoat, saving time during application
  4. xerofire® Clear Topcoat - a clear acid-catalysed topcoat for use over xerofire® Basecoat
  5. xerofire® Primer - a waterborne white primer for use under xerofire® Colour topcoat
  6. xerofire® Colour Topcoat - a pigmented acid-catalysed topcoat for use over xerofire® Primer

Scope for Use

xerofire® is suitable for use with substrates according to the following parameters:

  1. Thickness of at least 12mm
  2. Density of at least 510kg/m3


  1. Euro Class B-s1,d0 and National Class 0 furniture-grade wood finishing system
  2. Fire resistant, fire proof coating system
  3. Fire rated system for spray application

The user should consider the Fire Retardant Accreditation for this product range as a guideline only. The tests conducted encompass the whole finishing system which may comprise additionally of substrate, adhesive, veneer and coating, and not just the coating. Application methods and coating weights are also factors which can influence fire retardancy.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their specific system/application achieves/maintains the required Fire-Retardant rating. For example, "Euro Class B" MDF is fire-rated board. Any application of glue and veneer etc will compromise the rating of the board. Therefore, the Reaction to Fire rating of Euro Fire Class B MDF must be maintained by applying a coating system to upgrade the veneer to Fire Class B-s1,d0, thus maintaining the rating of the board.

xerofire® has achieved the highest rating for Euro Class B of s1,d0 Reaction to Fire

  • s1 - little or no smoke propagation
  • d0 - no flaming droplets or particles in the first 10 minutes

xerofire® complies with the requirements for Class 0 defined in Appendix A paragraph 13 of Approved Document B “Fire Safety” to the Building Regulations and has achieved the Euro Reaction to Fire classification of Euro Class B-s1,d0 xerofire® official Exova FR Certification/Accreditation Reports:

  1. BS 476: Part 6: 1989 +A1: 2009 – Method of Test for Fire Propagation of Products – Report Number: 315455 issued 25th April 2012 by Exova Warrington. Reviewed (402251) by Exova Warrington 13th July 2018.
  2. BS 476: Part 7: 1997 – Method for Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products – Report Number: 315456 issued 25th April 2012 by Exova Warrington. Reviewed (402252) by Exova Warrington 13th July 2018.

  3. EN 13501-1: 2007 +A1 :2009 “Euro” Classification B-s1,d0 – Report Number 412843 issued 10th June 2019 by Warringtonfire.

xerofire® has been used in well-known places: The Shard, Starbucks, Manchester City FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Birmingham Library, Heathrow Terminals 4 & 5, The National Theatre, Frankie & Benny’s, Waterloo Underground Station, the Facebook Offices and The Royal Barge. 

Contact Technical Service for more information at 0161 406 5300. See the rest of the Architectural Coatings range, or view our Interior Lacquers.

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omnia® is a multi-component wood coating system that offers ultimate protection against UV, weather damage and wood rot. Consisting of omnia® Wood Protect, End Grain Sealer, White Primer, and Clear and Opaque Topcoats, omnia® has been developed to multiple British Standards for exterior joinery. The omnia® exterior wood coating system also includes additional products: omnia® Knotting to help prevent extractive staining and omnia® Prime Pre-Treatment to further isolate and suppress extractives from woods, such as idigbo, sapele, western red cedar, mahogany, or other timber species that may stain the coating.

omnia® Exterior Joinery Coatings are suitable for multiple wood types, as well as Accoya® acetylated wood. Guidelines for the use of omnia® with Accoya® can be found in the omnia® Exterior Joinery Guide for Accoya®.

omnia® offers many years of protection against the elements as long as timber selection, preparation and design meet TWA scheme criteria and requirement standards, and the application of the wood coatings are in accordance with the appropriate Morrells product data and/or specification. This range has been extensively tested to BS 927-3 (Natural Exposure) and BS EN 927-6 (Accelerated Exposure) for use as an wooden exterior joinery finish. Though omnia® offers UV protection, water repellency and weather protection, very exposed or coastal locations can reduce the longevity of all exterior coatings. For this reason annual inspections and maintenance must be carried out according to the omnia® Maintenance Guide.

For full details on finishing exterior joinery please download Morrells Guide to Exterior Joinery Finishing before starting any new project.

See the rest of the Morrells Architectural Coatings range, or view Morrells Interior Lacquers.

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induro® Floor Lacquers are the ultimate complement to a wooden floor with a natural colouration and extreme resistance to wear and tear. With a comprehensive range of products, induro® is the best choice for finishing, re-varnishing and rejuvenating a wooden floor.

induro® Floor Lacquers provide extremely strong yet flexible varnishes that offer outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. They produce finishes with excellent clarity and wood-warming, and are perfectly suited to domestic and commercial soft- and hardwood floors for resistance to low, medium and high traffic.

The range consists of both waterborne and shellac sealers, waterborne XL1 one-pack and XL2 two-pack topcoats, as well as XLA anti-slip, SP sport and NATRO% dead-matt topcoats. All are compatible with morrells® range of lightfast and classique solvent stains, and are complemented by a selection of maintenance products.

Also available is the range of induro® XLO clear and colour floor oils, XLMC moisture-cured polyurethane and acid-catalysed (AC) lacquers (for industrial, workshop application only).

See the rest of the Architectural Coatings range, or view our other Wood Finishes.

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medicote® lacquers are designed for areas where the spread of microbial organisms threatens public health.

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holzol®, a technically advanced range of oils, blends plant-based ingredients with hybrid natural resins to achieve outstanding performance. By using natural ingredients, holzol is able to soak into the wood more efficiently, coating the internal structure and providing an unsurpassed level of protection. Unlike paints which sit atop the wood, oils seep in, maintaining the natural feel of a natural substance. 

Offering food- and child-safe products, furniture-grade oils, exterior protection and staining, anti-slip qualities and more rapid drying times, the holzol® range provides a product for all purposes.

The real beauty of holzol® however is its universal appeal: anyone can use it and everyone gets a great finish. holzol® is so easy to apply, and because it seeps deep into the pores of the wood, it always gives a pleasing just-below-the-surface silky-smooth finish.

The holzol® range of advanced technology natural wood oils compliments Morrells’ growing range of environmentally-conscious coatings. Improved touch-dry and hard-dry times are a hallmark of the range, as is durability, with impressive resistance to abrasion, wet-heat, chemical attack and impact.

See the rest of the Architectural Coatings range or view our Interior Lacquers.

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A complete range of solvent-based polyurethane lacquers including High Build SealersClear AcrylicsUltra High Solids (UHS)Wet-Look, and Clear and Fastmatch colour-matched lacquers.


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