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Sprayshop® HP Contact Adhesive

Sprayshop® HP Contact Adhesive is a CFC free, multipurpose sprayable adhesive with low odour, developed to bond a wide variety of substrates. It has excellent grab and a long open time. The product is delivered through a hose and spray gun system, which means application is clean and efficient. After use the gun is locked off and the system remains ready for instant re-use.


Application - Use in a well ventilated ares

  • Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease.
  • Substrates should be conditioned before assembly. This is particularly important with laminates. Condition for 48 hours at 20°C with a relative humidity of 45-55%. Air should be able to circulate freely around the components.
  • Connect the hose to the canister and the spray gun to the hose and tighten the connections.
  • Open the valve on the canister. The valve should remain open until the canister is used up. Use the locking nut on the gun after use. Turning off the valve will result in the adhesive drying in the hose and gun causing blockages.
  • Do not allow the adhesive to puddle as this can cause an unevenness that can “show” through the laminate.
  • On porous surfaces it may be necessary to apply a second coat. Always apply to the laminate first and spray one substrate horizontally and the other vertically.

  • Colour: Clear or red
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Solids Content: 28-30%
  • Specific Gravity: 90-99
  • Coverage: 15-20 square metres per Kg
  • Pack Size: 17K, 500ml

Product Codes

F208G Spraygun for F20817M Contact Adhesive