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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® Paint Strippers

Sprayshop® Thickstrip Stripper

Sprayshop® Thickstrip Stripper is a thick based, industrial-strength paint stripper ideal for removal of twin pack and lacquer.

A more economical option compared to other similar strippers, this prod…


Sprayshop® Thinstrip Stripper

Sprayshop® Thinstrip Stripper is a thin based, industrial-strength stripper, with a high level of performance, whilst also being a more economical option compared to similar strippers.

The product be…


Paramose Original Stripper

Paramose Original is a thin industrial-strength stripper, meaning one light coat is all that is needed in most cases.

Due to its thin consistency it can easily reach awkward areas, wasting less liqui…


Paramose Waterwash Stripper

Paramose Water Washable - industrial strength thick based paint stripper, ideal for removal of two-pack coatings and lacquers.

User friendly and easy to use. Apply by brush, leave for up-to 20 minute…


Enviromose® WB Pro Stripper

An environmentally-friendly water-based stripper designed to remove almost any coating, water or oil-based, simply, safely and effectively.

Enviromose is probably the very first genuinely no-compromi…


Paramose TS5 Stripper

TS5 Tank Stripper is a time saving & economical wood stripper for paint and varnish.

User friendly yet powerful, this stripper does not dry quickly or darken wood.

Will remove multi-coat systems…


Sprayshop® supplies numerous high-quality paint strippers. Including both Paramose® Original and Waterwash and the equally high quality, yet more economical Sprayshop® Thinstrip and Thickstrip.

A more environmentally friendly option is also available through the Enviromose® Water-based Stripper.