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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

3M4251 Half Face Respirator

The 3M™ Disposable Half Mask hybrid respirator 4251 A1P2 provides lightweight, comfortable, maintenance-free respiratory protection against dusts, mists, fumes, smokes and organic vapours when spray, brush and roller painting, as well as orbital and manual sanding. Twin inhalation valves and large bonded carbon filters reduce resistance, enhancing breathability.

Use until damaged, particulate filters clog or gas filters saturate. Gas filter saturation will be evident when odour can be detected with the mask on.

Key Features:

  • A1 protection against organic gases and vapours such as solvent based paint, adhesive and cleaning detergents*
  • P2 protection against medium level fine dusts and oil or water based mists*

*This product helps protect against certain organic gases and vapours (bp > 65 °C) in concentrations up to 10 x WEL or 1000 ppm (whichever is the lower) and particles in concentrations up to 10 x WEL

  • Ready to use with no maintenance required – use until damaged, particulate filters clog or gas filters become saturated
  • Tested and approved to comply with European standards - CE Mark 0086 (EN 405:2001 + A1:2009 FFA1P2 R D)
  • Users must be trained and have read all user instructions. Misuse may cause injury, severe or life threatening illness

Product Codes

R268E 3M™ Disposable Half Face Respirator 4251 A1P2