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Shadow Toner

The Shadow Toner is made with micro-fine, non-fading pigments and high quality lacquer. This aerosol will add colour to your project without a muddy appearance.

Apply Shadow Toner to your project to correct the colour or add colour to help hide a repair.

Adjustment of sheen is achieved with a clear topcoat lacquer. 

  • Superior flow-out
  • Subtle blending
  • Good clarity
  • No overlap marks
  • Fine atomisation of colour


  • Pack size: 400ml

Product Codes

KM108-1000 Shadow Toner Black
KM108-1001 Shadow Toner Blue
KM108-1002 Shadow Toner Green
KM108-1003 Shadow Toner Orange
KM108-1004 Shadow Toner Transparent Orange
KM108-1005 Shadow Toner Cool Brand
KM108-1006 Shadow Toner True Brown
KM108-1007 Shadow Toner Violet Brown
KM108-1008 Shadow Toner Yellow Brown


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