By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Tone Finish Toner

Finely ground, non-fading pigments for colour repairs that last. Available in a wide variety of wood finishing shades. Used for quick, efficient, professional touch-ups. This product adapts to various methods so as to blend in spot repairs.

Adjustment of sheen is achieved with a topcoat of clear lacquers available in gloss, satin, flat and dead flat.

For Technical data sheets, please refer to the Mohawk website.

  • Pack size: 400ml

Product Codes

KM101-0009 Tone Finish Henna
KM101-0030 Tone Finish Whisky Barrel
KM101-0202 Tone Finish White Wash
KM101-0209 Tone Finish Extra Dark Walnut
KM101-0210 Tone Finish New Maple Reddish
KM101-0222 Tone Finish Blonde
KM101-0224 Tone Finish Black
KM101-0300 Tone Finish New Fontana
KM101-0325 Tone Finish Light Pine
KM101-0408 Tone Finish Cherry
KM101-0411 Tone Finish Nutmeg
KM101-0504 Tone Finish Waterset Pine
KM101-0505 Tone Finish Ranch Pine
KM101-1372 Tone Finish Rouge
KM101-1435 Tone Finish Burnt Umber
KM115-2097 Tone Finish Rose Garden White
KM115-2799 Tone Finish Plantation Cove White
KM115-2809 Tone Finish Studio 1 Black