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Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick

Quick Fill® is an innovative Burn-In Stick that makes filling defects quick and easy. Designed to fill nicks, dents, and scratches.

Quick Fill® is applied using a simple heat source and leveled witho…


Burn-In Balm™ Paste

Prevents unwanted spread of excess Burn-In sticks from adhering to the surrounding areas as they are removed.

Speeds production and minimises sanding. Compatible with the Electric Burn-In Knife


Burn-in Sealer

A clear protective coating sprayed over a Burn-In Stick repair to eliminate bright spots. When a gloss, satin or flat finish is applied over Burn-In Sealer, the repaired area will blend in with the sh…


Micro-Therm™ Flameless Heat Gun

The Micro Therm™ Flameless Heat Gun is a hand held self-igniting flameless heat gun and is powered by a refillable fuel cell.

The Micro Therm™ Flameless Heat Gun is the perfect heat source for the Qu…


Battery Operated Burn-In Knife

The Battery Operated Burn-In Knife is a convenient, portable and safe alternative to other hot knife tools available. This tool will melt the Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus without a cord or a flame.



Electric Burn-In Knife

Dependable, rugged construction and long element life. High temperature element core assures best performance available.

  • Strong wooden handle
  • 6ft high temperature extra flexible neoprene power cor…

E-Z Flow™ Burn-In Stick

Produce the burn-in repairs you have always wanted using the E-Z Flow™ Burn-In Sticks. 

  • Excellent melt and flow characteristics
  • Exceptional clarity of transparents
  • Resists swelling and shrinking …

The Mohawk® Burn-In Range uses a heat source in the form of either the Micro-Therm™ Flameless Heater or the Burn-In Knife. These are applied to the Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick of the E-Z Flow™ Burn-In Sticks to fill scratches and defects.

The Burn-In Balm™ Paste is applied to prevent spread of the burn-in sticks and the Burn-In Sealer is finally used to eliminate bright spots.