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Blendal® Sticks

Mohawk Blendal® Sticks are used to add or alter colour when repairing and touching up wood. This product allows quick colour replacement on raw or finished edges and flat surfaces.

You can easily ble…


Blendal® Powder Stain (Pigment Type)

Touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of materials. Ground extra fine.

Most colours available either in 1oz or 16oz


Blendal® & Bronzing Powder Stain Repair Kit

An assortment of 42 bottles of Blendal® & Bronzing Powder Stains in shades of popular wood tones to match walnut, maple, pine, cherry and mahogany, as well as a full assortment of difficult-to-mat…


Bronzing Powder

Concentrated lining grade bronzing colours free of fillers and extenders. Used to decorate picture frames, furniture, lamps, antique objects and many other items.

For extra bright effects, high…


Mohawk® Colour Replacement offers products ideal for spot colour replacement and for adding or altering colour during repairs and touch-ups.

Products in this line include Blendal® Sticks, Blendal® Powder Stain and Brownzing Powder.