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Epoxy Stick

Restore, rebuild and repair all kinds of wood and other hard surfaces.

Quickly cures to a durable, permanent state to allow sanding, drilling, staining and general finishing after just 20 minutes (8-10 minutes working time, depending on colour).

Excellent adhesion of wood to metal, glass and even ceramic surfaces.

  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Matches colour of wood surfaces
  • Makes permanent repairs
  • 8-10 minute workable time depending on colour
  • Fast curing within 20 minutes
  • No shrinkage and moulds to any shape
  • Colours can be mixed

For optimum results, apply No Blush™ Blender aerosol after application.

Product Codes

KM743-1500 Epoxy Putty Stick Beige
KM743-1510 Epoxy Putty Stick Pine
KM743-1520 Epoxy Putty Stick White
KM743-1530 Epoxy Putty Stick Oak / Light Walnut
KM743-1540 Epoxy Putty Stick Mahogany
KM743-1550 Epoxy Putty Stick Cherry
KM743-1560 Epoxy Putty Stick Walnut
KM743-1570 Epoxy Putty Stick Black
KM743-1575 Epoxy Putty Stick Natural Oak
KM743-1580 Epoxy Putty Stick Natural Maple
KM743-1585 Epoxy Putty Stick Natural Cherry
KM743-1590 Epoxy Putty Stick Raw Umber
KM743-1200 Epoxy Putty Stick 12 Pack Assortment
KM743-1200 Epoxy Putty Stick 12 Pack Assortment


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