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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Fil-Stik® Putty Sticks

Quick and easy-to-use sticks for touching up wood. Eliminate scratches, nicks or abrasions on wood furniture, picture frames, plastics and panelling with Fil-Stik®.

No heat or special tools required. Just simply rub the wax stick into damaged areas and scrape remaining product away using a credit card to leave an even, levelled surface. Works well on most wooden surfaces in low traffic areas.

Can be protected with Tone Finish aerosols or other Morrells Wood Finishes

Product available as a singular colour or as an assortment pack.




Product Codes

KM230-0027 Fil-Stik® Nebulous Grey
KM230-0029 Fil-Stik® Grey Maple
KM230-0100 Fil-Stik® Natural
KM230-0101 Fil-Stik® Natural Amber
KM230-0102 Fil-Stik® Natural Tone
KM230-0115 Fil-Stik® Deep Mahogany
KM230-0144 Fil-Stik® Shaker Grey
KM230-0154 Fil-Stik® C-12 Petal
KM230-0155 Fil-Stik® C31 Daffodil
KM230-0202 Fil-Stik® White
KM230-0206 Fil-Stik® Light Walnut
KM230-0207 Fil-Stik® Medium Brown Walnut
KM230-0209 Fil-Stik® Extra Dark Walnut
KM230-0218 Fil-Stik® Light Red Mahogany
KM230-0224 Fil-Stik® Black
KM230-0227 Fil-Stik® Dark Red Mahogany
KM230-0237 Fil-Stik® Medium Rock Maple
KM230-0243 Fil-Stik® Smokey Blue
KM230-0300 Fil-Stik® Fontana/Natural Alder/Harvest
KM230-0331 Fil-Stik® Pickle Frost
KM230-0333 Fil-Stik® Heritage Oak
KM230-0334 Fil-Stik® Off White
KM230-0358 FIL-STIK® Dark Walnut
KM230-0401 Fil-Stik® Almond
KM230-0408 Fil-Stik® Cherry
KM230-0411 Fil-Stik® Nutmeg
KM230-0412 Fil-Stik® Antique White
KM230-0504 Fil-Stik® Winter Pine
KM230-1500 Fil-Stik® Aegean Mist
KM230-1506 Fil-Stik® Provincial White
KM230-1509 Fil-Stik® Royal Blue/Hale Navy
KM230-1516 Fil-Stik® Pine/Butterscotch
KM230-2001 Fil-Stik® Ash
KM230-2052 Fil-Stik® Medium Oak/Toffee
KM230-4021 Fil-Stik® Caramel
KM230-4027 Fil-Stik® Bcjc-1/Cinnamon Sugar
KM230-4029 Fil-Stik® Slate Grey
KM230-4030 Fil-Stik® Gardenia
KM230-4032 Fil-Stik® Cordovan/Paprika
KM230-4033 Fil-Stik® English Saddle
KM230-4046 Fil-Stik® Natural
KM230-4056 Fil-Stik® Maple Natural
KM230-4057 Fil-Stik® Light Fawn
KM230-4064 Fil-Stik® Praline/Caramel/Harvest
KM230-4070 Fil-Stik® Peppercorn/Hazelnut/Tawny Walnut
KM230-4071 Fil-Stik® Kona/Mocha
KM230-8728 Fil-Stik® Birch
KM230-9838 Fil-Stik® Old World Mahogany
KM230-9839 Fil-Stik® Rustic Cherry
KM230-L404 Fil-Stik® Light Fruitwood
KM231-0314 Fil-Stik® American Green
KM231-0390 Fil-Stik® Dark Cherry
KM231-0403 Fil-Stik® Whitewash
KM231-0428 Fil-Stik® Natural Maple
KM231-10103 Fil-Stik® Syy Green
KM231-10104 Fil-Stik® Syy Red
KM231-10166 Fil-Stik® American Hewn-Green
KM231-10167 Fil-Stik® Sy Casual Blue
KM231-10172 Fil-Stik® Savannah Green
KM231-1476 Fil-Stik® Gray
KM231-1478 Fil-Stik® Van Dyke Brown
KM231-2294 Fil-Stik® Maple/Caramel/Toffee
KM231-5020 Fil-Stik® Sage
KM231-5022 Fil-Stik® Winter Haven
KM231-5025 Fil-Stik® Silk Background
KM231-6870 Fil-Stik® Meadow Oak/Natural/Rattan
KM231-7898 Fil-Stik® Natural Maple II/Amber
KM231-8040 Fil-Stik® Maple Frost
KM231-8087 Fil-Stik® Stone
KM231-8126 Fil-Stik® Oak Frost II/Champagne
KM231-8154 Fil-Stik® Oatmeal Maple
KM231-8226 Fil-Stik® Black #2
KM231-8326 Fil-Stik® Charcoal Grey
KM231-8412 Fil-Stik® Cherry Cognac
KM231-8413 Fil-Stik® Butterscotch Cherry
KM231-8618 Fil-Stik® White Arctic
KM231-8652 Fil-Stik® Sandlewood
KM231-8724 Fil-Stik® Charcoal
KM231-8981 Fil-Stik® Soumi
KM231-9007 Fil-Stik® Cider/Cappucino/Chestnut
KM231-9033 Fil-Stik® Newport-Ebonised Cherry
KM231-9114 Fil-Stik® Earthtone
KM231-9832 Fil-Stik® Deep Cherry/Burgundy
KM231-9836 Fil-Stik® Hunter Green
KM231-9844 Fil-Stik® Bone White
KM231-9850 Fil-Stik® Antique Light Red/Holly Berry
KM231-9851 Fil-Stik® Khaki
KM231-9853 Fil-Stik® Antique Light Blue
KM231-9855 Fil-Stik® Country French Red
KM231-9856 Fil-Stik® Country French Parisian Blue/Oyster
KM231-9923 Fil-Stik® Amber White
KM230-1200 Fil-Stik® 12 Pack Assortment
KM230-1210 Fil-Stik® Maple/Walnut 12 Pack Assortment
KM230-1220 Fil-Stik® 12 Pack Light Assortment
KM230-1230 Fil-Stik® 12 Pack Light Gray Assortment
KM230-1240 Fil-Stik® 12 Pack Medium/Dark Gray Assortment
KM230-1250 Fil-Stik® 12 Pack Standard Assortment
KM230-2400 Fil-Stik® 24 Pack Furniture Store Assortment
KM230-2401 Fil-Stik® 24 Pack Flooring Assortment
KM230-4720 Fil-Stik® Assortment 72 Pack #1
KM230-7201 Fil-Stik® 72 Pack Assortment #2
KM230-7202 Fil-Stik® 72 Pack Assortment #3


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