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Graining Liquid

Balanced clear liquid formula for applying grain or base colour in spot repair work.

Unlike regular padding agents, Graining Liquid stays wet on the brush longer. This feature allows the user more ti…


Wil Pro™ Padding Finish

Wil Pro™ Padding Finish is super-fast drying, allowing it to be coated with lacquer immediately.

Use with Blendal® Powder Stains.

  • Excellent results where clarity and minimum build-up are critical…

Finish-Up™ Polyurethane

A user-friendly wipe on finish. Finish-Up™ Polyurethane can be applied over repairs such as Burn-Ins, Fil-Stik®, Blendal® Powders and Touch Up Markers to seal in the repair, leaving a durable protecti…


Lacover® Padding Finish

For spot refinishing. The most widely used "French Polish" padding finish in the world.

  • Specially formulated for use with Mohawk® Blendal® Powder Stains
  • Compatible with most known finishes
  • ln one…

The Mohawk® Padding products include Graining Liquid to apply base colour or graining in spot repairs, Finish-Up™ Polyurethane for wipe on use to seal repairs and increase durability, and both the Wil Pro™ Padding Finish and the Lacover® Padding Finish, which are used for spot refinishing.

All of these products are compatible with the Blendal® Powder Stains.