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Wood Repair™ Plus+ Kit by Boegh Consult

Wood Repair™ Plus+ Kit is a complete wood repair kit, perfect for window- and floor installers, carpenters, general maintenance, DIY'ers and others who repair knots, grains, and other damages in wood. It is a complete kit that contains all important tools to make perfect Knot Filler repairs.

The Wood Repair™ Plus+ Kit is the perfect balance between budget and performance, including a stick saver, two bags of mixed coloured sticks and two small cooling blocks.

Knot Filler is compatible with holzol® Wood Oils, induro® Flooring Lacquers and the Morrells® range of finishes and lacquers.

Kit includes:

How to use:

  1. Switch on the BCD180 Hot-Melt Wood Filler Gun and let it heat up for 7 minutes
  2. Place a Wood Repair Knot Filler stick in the BCD180 Hot-Melt Gun
  3. Quickly shoot the molten filler into the knot/damage/scratch
  4. Quickly and firmly press the cooling block or iron on the hot filler to cool and solidify the filler, leave for 10 seconds
  5. When the cooling iron can be easily removed, trim excess filler with the cutting tool
  6. Sand the repair with 80g to 120g Sprayshop® sanding paper


Product Codes

BKF903 Wood Repair™ Plus+ kit


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