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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sanding and Burnishing

Perfecta® Burnishing

Morrells Perfecta® Burnishing Range is ideal for removing swirl marks, light scratches and defects before providing a fast, easy and flawless high gloss finish to furniture, high-end joinery, luxury v…


Sprayshop® Sanding Discs

Sprayshop® supplies offers a variety of high quality sanding discs, meeting multiple demands whilst helping to achieve a premium finish.

Sprayshop® standard sanding discs are designed to be efficient…


Sprayshop® Sanding rolls

Sprayshop® offers sanding rolls for both hand sanding or machine use.

The range includes Sprayshop® Grey Roll, which is more durable and flexible, perfect for sanding profiled surfaces and providing …


Sprayshop® Sanding Strips

Sprayshop® Velcro Strips are a durable well rounded sanding product suitable for a higher speed sand whilst maintaining high quality.

The range includes Sprayshop® Velcro Strips which are ideal for u…


Sprayshop® Sanding Sheets

Sprayshop® Sanding Sheets feature a stearate coating for dry sanding. This provides a uniform scratch pattern and a long lifespan.

When activated by heat, this stearate coating turns white, which lub…


Sprayshop® Sanding Pads

Sprayshop® Web Finishing Pads contain three-dimensional fibres, making them perfect for sanding profiled surfaces. This product delivers a high quality finish and is perfect for creating a base before…


Mirka® Equipment

Morrells® stocks a variety of Mirka® sanding and burnishing equipment, including Mirka® Dust Extractors 1025 L PC1230 M AFC and the 1230 L PC, as well as all standard electric and pneumatic sanders,…


Mirka® Abrasives

Mirka® supplied abrasives are available in the forms of rolls, discs, strips and sheets, with each Mirka® branded product designed to specialise in certain areas.

Mirka® Abralon - A multifunctional s…


Mirka® Accessories

Mirka® supplied accessories are available in the forms of dust extraction filters, pad savers, dust bags and polishing pads, with each Mirka® branded product designed to specialise/accompany other Mir…


Hermes® Abrasives

Hermes® Abrasives are available in belts, blocks and discs and each specialise in certain areas of woodfinishing.


Mirka® Kits

Mirka® supply pre-made kits featuring products such as the DEROS and the 1025L Dust Extraction unit.

Mirka® also combines their high quality Abranet Ace and Abranet Ace HD abrasives with the DEOS, DE…


Sprayshop® supplies a full range of Sanding and Burnishing equipment designed to work perfectly with Morrells® products.

Perfecta® Burnishing - Morrells® burnishing line is perfect for removing swirl marks, light scratches and defects before providing a fast, easy and flawless high gloss finish to furniture, high-end joinery, luxury vehicle interiors, and kitchens and bathrooms. The Full Perfecta® kit includes: 800/1000 grit film-black discs, perfecta+ burnishing cream, Sprayshop® variable speed polisher, lambswool mop, black foam finishing pad and perfecta shield spray.

The Sprayshop® range of abrasives includes sanding discs designed to fit perfectly with the Sprayshop® Random Orbital Sander, foam and standard rolls for multiple sanding applications and sanding sheets for more profiled sanding.

Morrells® also stocks a variety of Mirka® abrasives and equipment. This line includes all standard electric and pneumatic sanders.