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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Perfecta+ Burnishing Cream

Morrells Perfecta+ Burnishing Cream is part of the full Perfecta® Burnishing Kit and provides a perfect high gloss finish with minimal effort to remove light scratches, medium swirl marks and defects.…


Perfecta® Lambswool Fastfix Mop

The Perfecta® Lambswool Fastfix Mop gives a very fast cutting action when used with Perfecta+ Burnishing Cream for the buffing out of light scratches, medium swirl marks and defects. Use as part of th…


Perfecta® Shield Spray

Perfecta® Shield Spray provides quick and easy protection to a solid surface with a spray, wipe and easy-buff application, without altering the existing sheen levels. Seal in the sheen in wet look coa…


Perfecta® Black Foam Finishing Pad

Perfecta® Black Foam Finishing Pad can be used with the Perfecta+ Burnishing Cream for added lustre.

The Perfecta® Black Foam Finishing Pad consists of an ultra-fine soft polishing foam, preventing t…


Perfecta® Backing Pad

Perfecta® Backing Pad is an essential part of the Perfecta® Burnishing Kit. It allows for the perfect application of the Perfecta® Lambswool Fastfix Mop and the Perfecta® Black Foam Finishing Pad onto…


Sprayshop® Film 6 Hole Sanding Discs

The Sprayshop® 6 Hole Film Sanding Disc is specifically designed for the creation of ultra-matt or high-gloss effects, as well as paint rectification. The stearate layer and smooth film provide a high…


Morrells Perfecta® Burnishing Range is ideal for removing swirl marks, light scratches and defects before providing a fast, easy and flawless high gloss finish to furniture, high-end joinery, luxury vehicle interiors, and kitchens and bathrooms.

The full Perfecta® Kit includes: 800/1000G film-back discs, Perfecta+ Burnishing Cream, Sprayshop® Variable Speed Polisher, lambswool mop, black foam finishing pad and Perfecta® Shield Spray.