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Sprayshop® Net Sanding Discs

Sprayshop® Net Sanding Discs are developed for a more efficient and dust-free sand. This product offers a superior cut and performance for hardwood (such as beech and oak) and a fast cutting on various solid surface materials. 

The net design of these abrasives creates thousands of microholes, meaning any dust particle is a maximum of 0.5mm away from any hole, allowing for optimum dust extraction when used alongside the Mirka® Dust Extractor.

Easy application with the Sprayshop® Random Orbital Sander, giving a perfect fit.

  • Diameter: 150mm
  • Pack size: 50/box
  • Grain: Aluminium oxide
  • Grit range: P120-P600
  • Backing: PA net / PES net
  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Coating: Closed

Product Codes

R109P0080 Sprayshop® Net Disc 80G
R109P0100 Sprayshop® Net Disc 100G
R109P0120 Sprayshop® Net Disc 120G
R109P0150 Sprayshop® Net Disc 150G
R109P0180 Sprayshop® Net Disc 180G
R109P0240 Sprayshop® Net Disc 240G
R109P0320 Sprayshop® Net Disc 320G
R109P0400 Sprayshop® Net Disc 400G
R109P0500 Sprayshop® Net Disc 500G
R109P0600 Sprayshop® Net Disc 600G