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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® Grey Roll

Sprayshop® Grey Roll features a stearate coating for dry sanding. This provides a uniform scratch pattern and a long lifespan.

When activated by heat, the stearate coating turns white, which lubricat…


Sprayshop® Red Roll

Sprayshop® Red Roll focuses on sanding pine or other soft, resinous wood. It features an open coating for the sanding of easily clogging substrate, by allowing sanded material to channel between the g…


Sprayshop® Foam Roll

The Sprayshop® Foam Roll is ideal for sanding difficult, non-uniform surfaces due to its soft and flexible design, with the foam grip able to apply pressure evenly.

This product features a stearate c…


Sprayshop® offers sanding rolls for both hand sanding or machine use.

The range includes Sprayshop® Grey Roll, which is more durable and flexible, perfect for sanding profiled surfaces and providing a uniform scratch pattern. Sprayshop® Red Roll is designed for an aggressive sand on easily clogging materials, making it perfect for softer, more resinous wood. Sprayshop® Foam Roll is best for sanding difficult, non-uniform surfaces and is suitable for both wet and dry sanding.