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NUAIR 6L Oil Free Direct Drive Compressor (Traditional Series)

A basic direct drive oil-free portable compressor with fully enclosed design for use in the workshop or (with a suitable gun) for touch up work on site.

  • Self-lubricating oil-free design
  • Automatic …

NUAIR 50L 8 Bar Compressor

An entry level lubricated direct drive compressor for occasional workshop use. Ideal for the user wanting to do the odd spray job and as a general purpose air supply. Twin cyclinder, durable lubricate…


NUAIR Tech Series 50L 10 Bar Compressor

Available in 8 Bar or 10 Bar varieties and especially designed for maximum convenience, easy maneuverability, long life and ease of use. Belt driven lubricated piston compressor for spray and workshop…


NUAIR Blue Star 150L 10 Bar Compressor

Available in 150L, 200L and 270L reservoirs - belt driven workshop compressor for the more serious user. 150L air reservoir means the pump does not need to cut in so often to keep up with demand. The …


NUAIR Blue Star 200L Single-Phase Compressor

Same motor as the NUAIR Blue Star 150L, but with an upgraded 200L reservoir. Useful for additional spraying time before the pump cuts in to refill the tank.

  • Advanced cooling
  • Twin capacitor electri…

NUAIR Blue Star 200L 3-Phase Compressor

An entry level three-phase unit for customers wanting to run spray pumps, air sanders or more than one spray gun. Also available in 150L and 270L varieties. 

  • Advanced cooling
  • Twin capacitor electr…

NUAIR Blue Star 270L 10 Bar Lubricated Belt-Driven Compressor

Our most capable compressor with three phase belt driven piston compressor with a higher output and 270L tank. Recommended for pumps, multi-gun setups and air sanders. Also for those users that want t…


A full range of NUAIR® compressors to meet the demands of any budget and spray shop setup. The range includes lubricated direct drive as well as belt-driven compressors from 50L up to 270L capacity.