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Breathing Air Filter Set 0.5"

This custom made 3 piece air filter set by Syntesi® combines a filter, depurator and active carbon filter into a single unit.


  • The filter catches liquid or solid impurities present in the compressed air. As they accumulate, they drop to the bottom of the filter and drain away, preventing them from reentering the airflow. The drainage automatically occurs when the pressure in the filter drops to zero. Alternatively the condensate can be drained manually. 


  • The job of the depurator is to separate liquid and solid particles such as traces of oil dispersed in the compressed air with a high degree of efficiency. The air taken from here is not purified.

Active Carbon Filter

  • Activated-carbon filtering systems achieve the highest standard of purification possible in industrial applications. They eliminate all traces of oils, solvents and hydrocarbons, and remove unpleasant odours. The activated carbon filtering element absorbs most of the polluting particles in the air due to minute holes in the granules of carbon.

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Product Codes

SMODTBS4 Breathing Air Filter Set 0.5"