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RHINO™ TQ3 Sprayshop® Heaters

The large TQ3 RHINO™ heater from Sprayshop® is recommended for use in the drying area to accelerate drying and curing. They are also helpful for maintaining an ideal drying environment for waterborne lacquers, which require warm air that is not too dry.

These heaters are not flame proof and are not recommended for use in the spray booth.


Uses high frequency infrared waves to penetrate the air and directly heat objects rather than the air. TQ3 warms objects and people rather than the atmosphere, resulting in lower running costs.

  • Lightweight and hardy plastic body
  • Integrated castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Integrated cable tidy
  • Mechanical safety tilt device, switches off when tipped over
  • Twin 1400W ruby quartz halogen lamps, 2800W output, 3m power cord
  • 500mm x 460mm x 1000mm

Product Codes

SH029400 RHINO™ TQ3 Heater