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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Air & Fluid Hoses

Air Hoses (orange)
  • SAL15/5C - 5m, 8mm diameter, 1/4" female connection
  • SAL15/75C - 7.5m, 8mm diameter, 1/4" female connection
  • SAL15/10C - 10m, 8mm diamter, 1/4" female connection
  • SAL15/15C - 15m, 8mm diameter, 1/4" female connection
Low Pressure Fluid Hoses
  • SLPV14/5C - 5m, 6mm diameter, 3/8" female connection
  • SLPV16/5C - 5m, 10mm diameter, 3/8" female connection
Use both Air Hose and Low Pressure Fluid Hose when using Double Diaphragm Pumps and Sprayshop® 2L and 10L Pressure Pots.
Twin Air & Low Pressure Fluid Hoses
  • Twin hoses for air and fluid. These hoses are bonded together for improved freedom of movement. However individual hoses cannot be replaced.  
  • SVOW/14/5B - 5m, 1/4" air and 3/8" fluid female connections

Sprayshop® Air & Fluid Replacement Hoses

For Sprayshop® 31:26 AAA Pump 

  • S62363675AX/M - 7.5m Sprayshop twin air & fluid hose set
Sprayshop®-Kremlin® Air & Fluid Replacement Hoses
  • SMKTAF75M - 7.5m Kremlin twin air & fluid hose set

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