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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® Signature I Spraygun

The entry-level Sprayshop® Signature Spraygun, newly finished in matt black, employs the latest high transfer efficient spray technology to give fine atomisation and an even spray pattern. This overperformer offers quality construction and reliability at a highly affordable price point. 

Eliminating the need for separate air and fluid control valves dramatically reduces gun weight, cleaning and maintenance time, while providing total trigger control and a seamless blend of air and fluid.

  1. 300mm fine, flat spray fan
  2. Suitable for solvent- and waterborne coatings
  3. Stainless steel fluid passageways
  4. Available in suction and gravity formats
  5. CE marked and fully ATEX approved

As with all Sprayshop® items, the Signature I has been stress-tested and designed specifically for use with our wood finishes.

  • Tip size: 1.8mm

Product Codes

SSIG1G18 Signature I Gravity
SSIG1S18 Signature I Suction
S01-9051-13 1.3mm Gravity Set-up
S01-9051-18 1.8mm Gravity Set-up
S01-9051-20 2.0mm Gravity Set-up
S01-9051-25 2.5mm Gravity Set-up
S01-9052 Spray Head Set - Gravity
S01-9053 Fan Adjuster Set - Gravity
S01-9054 Fluid Adjuster Set - Gravity
S01-9055 Air Valve Set - Gravity
S01-9056 Needle Packing - Gravity
S01-9057 Air Flow Valve - Gravity
S01-9058 3/8" Gravity Cup
S01-9059 Signature 1 Gravity Service Kit
S01-9060 M16 Gravity Cup
S01-9061-13 1.3mm Suction Set-up
S01-9061-18 1.8mm Suction Set-up
S01-9061-20 2.0mm Suction Set-up
S01-9062 Spray Head Set - Suction
S01-9063 Fan Adjuster - Suction
S01-9064 Fluid Adjuster Set - Suction
S01-9065 Air Valve Set - Suction
S01-9066 Needle Packing - Suction
S01-9067 Air Flow Kit Signature 1 Suction
S01-9069 Signature 1 Suction Service Kit
S11002 Signature 1 Suction Cup


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