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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Kremlin 30C25 AIRMIX® Paint Pump

With total reliability and zero pulsation, Kremlin 30C25 AIRMIX® and 15C25 pumps give the ultimate finish with both solvent- and waterborne coatings of standard and high viscosities. Whilst providing a very low cost of owenership.

In the box

  1. Kremlin AIRMIX® pump
  2. Airmix® Xcite™ Spraygun
  3. Wall mounting
  4. High pressure filter
  5. Stainless steel suction feed hose
  6. Twin regulators
  7. Twin hoses
  8. Lubricant and wrench

Spray pumps make great additions to any operation of any size that involves wood finishing as they greatly reduce costs with improved transfer efficiency and faster coating speed, less overspray and lower air consumption. Easy to operate, easy to change colour, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Trolley and hopper available separately. 

  1. 12 months warranty, CE marked
  2. Solvent- or waterborne coatings

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Product Codes

S151260978 Kremlin 30C25 AIRMIX® Paint Pump
S151260974 Kremlin 15C25 AIRMIX® Paint Pump
S151140230 Hopper for AIRMIX® Pump
S151240000 Trolley
S135732100 Xcite+ 100 Gun & VX24 Aircap
S135732200 Xcite+ 200 Gun & VX24 Aircap
S144130291 AIRMIX® Fluid Section Service Kit
S050450663 7.5mm x 4.8mm Fluid Hose
S050382114 7.5mm x 7mm AIRMIX Air Hose
S134509114 09114 13/50 AIRMIX TIP


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