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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® 31:26 AAA Spray Pump

Sprayshop 31:26 AAA Pump

Our very own Sprayshop® AAA Pump built to our specification for the wood finishing industry. Constructed from stainless steel and durable tungsten carbide, the Sprayshop® 31:26 Pump is long-lasting and easy to maintain, using high quality components. 

  1. 5 year warranty, CE marked
  2. Solvent or waterborne coatings

Signature Mix Spraygun

Forged and anodised body provides sturdiness and corrosion protection externally and internally. As all seals are free of joints, this metal-to-metal technology is perfect for smooth and easy use. A smooth, stainless steel action trigger and progressive air valve give better control and precision.

In the box

  1. 31:26 AAA Spray Pump
  2. Signature Mix Lightweight Spraygun
  3. Tip and high pressure filter
  4. Stainless steel suction feed hose
  5. Twin regulators
  6. 7.5m twin hoses
  7. Lubricant and wrench
  8. Wall mount

Hopper and trolley available separately.

The power and finesse to spray every coating from heavy viscosity joinery primers to mirror-finish wet look polyurethanes. Precision engineered to provide top class fine finishing yet ruggedly built to cope with constant all-day use. Easy to operate, easy to change colour, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

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  • Pressure ratio: 31:1
  • Fluid per cycle: 30cc
  • Cycles per litre: 33.3
  • Fluid output: 1.8 L/min (@ 60 cycles/min)
  • Air consumption: 13 CFM
  • Transfer efficiency: > 80%
  • Max air inlet pressure: 7 Bar

Product Codes

SS3126AAA Sprayshop® 31:26 Pump, Gun, Tip
SSTR1 Trolley
S05-9003 Hopper
SG-49000741 Suction Rod
SG-49000742 Suction Filter
SG-82460099 Recirc Hose & Ball Valve
SG-83660009 100 Mesh Filter
SG-83660010 60 Mesh Filter
S12-0017 Wet-End Service Kit
S12-0018 Air Motor Service Kit
S36005K1 100 Mesh Disc Gun Filter
S36009K1 60 Mesh Disc Gun Filter
S62363610AX 10M Sprayshop 31:26 Twin Hoses
S62363675AX/M 7.5M Sprayshop 31:26 Twin Hoses
S129270087 10M Hose Cover
SAAG1 Sprayshop Signature Mix AA Gun
SG-001 AAG-1 Tip Seal (10)
SG-10011250 AAG-1 Diffuser/Needle
SG-411 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 11/40
SG-413 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 13/40
SG-50810258 AAG-1 Rear Seat Holder Seal
SG-50850605 AAG-1 E-Clip
SG-511 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 11/50
SG-513 AAG-1 Fluid TIp 13/50
SG-515 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 15/50
SG-51910235 AAG-1 Spacer
SG-51910623 AAG-1 Trigger Guide Packing
SG-54250802 31:26 PTFE Filter O Ring
SG-54251011 AAG-1 Diffuser Aircap Seal
SG-54550026 31:26 Pressure Gauge
SG-56410709 AAG-1 Aircap Assembly
SG-56415256 AAG-1 Air Pattern Adjuster
SG-56415259 AAG-1 Fluid Adjuster With Lock
SG-56418046 AAG-1 Fluid Filter Housing/Nut
SG-56418485 31:26 Bottom Packing Set
SG-56418498 31:26 Upper Packing Set
SG-56418612 AAG-1 Needle Box Assy
SG-56418614 AAG-1 Needle Packing
SG-56418649 31:26 Piston Rod Assembly
SG-57250415 AAG-1 Trigger Screw (Each)
SG-57251903 AAG-1 Socket Cap Screw
SG-80760008 31:26 Antipulse Filter Seating
SG-80760044 31:26 Lower Ball Seat
SG-84760002 31:26 Main Filter Spring
SG-84760009 Recirc Tube Anti-Kink Spring
SG-86455114 31:26 Mini Air Regulator
SG-409 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 09/40
SG-213 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 13/20
SG-211 AAG-1 Fluid Tip 11/20


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