By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Sprayshop® Filler Range

The range of fillers available from Sprayshop® includes thixotropic grain fillers, one- and two-part wood fillers, as well as our unique hot-melt filler sticks from Wood Repair™ by Boegh Consult.

Thixotropic Grain Fillers (VOC Compliant)

Morrells Compliant Thixotropic Grain Fillers are designed to fill the open grain of timbers like mahogany and oak; they are always applied after any base staining and only when the stain is fully dry.…


Sprayshop® One-Part Coloured Wood Filler

A range of ready-for-use waterbased wood fillers developed for filling pin holes, nail holes and other small imperfections on wood for internal use. They are formulated to be applied by either knife o…


Sprayshop® Two-Part Coloured Wood Filler

A range of two-component fillers formulated for use on metal, GRP and timber for interior and exterior applications. They are also suitable for repairing damage to corners and edges of furniture and a…


Wood Repair™ Knot Filler Sticks by Boegh Consult

Original hot-melt Wood Repair™ Knot Filler Sticks from Boegh Consult. This unique product for repairing all kinds of knots, cracks, splits and more is available in a variety of wood colours, packs and…


induro® Mix'n'Fill Filler

A cellulose-based binding medium for mixing with sanding dusts to produce a fast-drying filler for use in filling nail holes, splits/shakes and gaps between joints up to 5mm in width/depth.