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Spray Guns

Sprayshop® offers a wide range of spray guns, consisting of our Sprayshop® Signature range tested and developed for use with our wood finishes as well as a choice of more conventional spray guns.

Signature Range

Available in three performance tiers, Signature I, Signature II and Signature III, the Sprayshop® Signature Sprayguns offer high performance wood finishing as standard given that they have been developed specifically for the application of our wood finishes.

Sprayshop® Signature I Spraygun

The entry-level Sprayshop® Signature Spraygun, newly finished in matt black, employs the latest high transfer efficient spray technology to give fine atomisation and an even spray pattern. This overpe…


Sprayshop® Signature II Spraygun

The mid-field Sprayshop® Signature Spraygun. Developed in association with DeVilbiss®, the Signature II balances higher performance with a reasonable budget.

Available in Pressure, Gravity, Gravity P…


Sprayshop® Signature III Spraygun

The front-runner and highest performance Sprayshop® Signature Spraygun. Also developed in association with DeVilbiss®, the Signature III gives the very best performance.

Available in Gravity and Suct…


HVLP Detail Spray Gun

A small HVLP spray gun for detailed work, such as shading and colouring, for use with solventbased products.