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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

/900 Ultra-High-Solids 2K Profile Primer

A ultra-high build two pack primer designed for manual spray application. Formulated to provide a flat, high solids base with excellent flow and levelling properties, this primer sands easily and can be sprayed through normal cup guns.

Provides in two coats a completely filled, hard flat surface. Can be used with the Morrells range of Acid-Catalyst or Polyurethane topcoats to achieve a full finish on veneered, solid wood and MDF substrates.

  • Pack size: 5 litre
  • Catalysis: 10% by weight
  • Gel coat recoatable: 25 - 35 minutes @ 18°C
  • Sandable: 16 - 24 hours @ 18°C
  • Coverage: 20m² per 5 litres dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated
  • Typical finish: 2 coats of /900 Primer at 100g/m² per coat, followed by 2 coats of any Morrells PU Lacquer at 100–130 g/m² per coat

Product Codes

5005/900 White Ultra-High-Solids Primer
5006/900 Black Ultra-High-Solids Primer
5CAT/900 Catalyst
X001 Thinners


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