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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Compliant Water Stains

A range of waterbased stains suitable for hand, spray or dip application. The standard range consists of popular primary colours and a selection of the most widely used wood colours. Formulated on org…


/590 Extra High Solids Compliant Acid-Catalyst Lacquer

A quick drying, extra high build acid-catalyst lacquer formulated to provide outstanding resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit solutions and a wide range of household chemicals. Ideal for a…


/341 Waterborne Wood-Warming Clear Sealer

A wood-warming waterborne clear wood sealer exhibiting a good in-can clarity. This wood sealer has been specially formulated to enhance the timber's natural beauty by increasing the visual depth and d…


/332 Clear Waterborne General-Use Lacquers

High build, clear waterborne lacquers developed to enhance timber's natural beauty with a very high degree of clarity. Similar in look and durability to a high performance Pre-Catalysed lacquer. Ideal…


/362 High Performance Severe-Use Waterborne Lacquers

A range of clear high performance waterborne lacquers offering excellent clarity, build and resistance. Can be used over 8004/341 Wood-Warming Sealer or coat-on-coat. /362 offers similar performance p…


/501 White Waterborne Primer

A range of high opacity waterborne coatings designed for spray application to domestic furniture and shopfittings. No catalyst is required thus avoiding extra mixing and the health hazards associated …


8FM/ Fastmatch® Severe-Use Waterborne Colours

A single-pack, high opacity waterborne wood finish designed for spray application to domestic furniture and shopfittings. Can be colour-matched to most colours. No catalyst is required thus avoiding e…


/421 White Waterborne Lacquer

A range of white waterborne lacquers formulated on an internally crosslinking aqueous polymer system and recommended as a coat-on-coat system or for use over /501 Standard or /W03 High Viscosity white…


/381 Black Waterborne Lacquer

A high solids range of black waterborne lacquers ideally suited to vacuum, spray or dip application, offering excellent opacity and build. This range is for coat-on-coat application, no primer needed.…


induro® XLO Natural Floor Oil

These oils are formulated with a blend of urethane and natural oils for use on all types of solid and engineered flooring, such as parquet. They produce a smooth, natural finish with excellent resista…


induro® GP Seal Floor Sealer and Primer

This state-of-the-art wood warming waterborne floor sealer and primer is formulated to enhance the natural appearance and grain of all types of wooden flooring. Use before overcoating with induro® XL1…


induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer

A fully crosslinked single-pack polyurethane clear flooring lacquer with excellent clarity and non-yellowing properties. As induro® XL1 floor lacquer comes fully crosslinked, there are no pot-life lim…


induro® XL2 Floor Lacquer

An extremely tough yet flexible fast-drying waterborne polyurethane two pack varnish offering enhanced chemical and mechanical resistance. XL2 is perfect for solid and engineered wood floors with medi…


induro® XLA ANTI-SLIP Floor Lacquer

XLA ANTI-SLIP is a two pack waterborne polyurethane lacquer that is highly resistant to scuffs, spills and marks. Suitable for domestic and commercial high traffic areas with wooden floors. induro® XL…


induro® SPORT Floor Lacquer

induro® SPORT is a tough resilient two pack waterborne polyurethane varnish especially formulated to be used on sports floors. Accredited with BS EN 15301 for rotational resistance and BS EN 14904 dry…


induro® NATRO%

A dead-matt, 0% sheen fully crosslinked single-pack waterborne polyurethane offering enhanced performance compared to other single pack waterborne floor varnishes. As induro® NATRO% comes fully crossl…


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) / SKA Rating (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Scheme) / The Decorative Paints Directive 2004/42/EC

The majority of Morrells products are designed for application in factory/industrial installations where emissions/VOCs are controlled through the requirements of the Solvent Directive 1999/13/EC.  When the coated items are brought on to site for installation the finishes are dry and hence have negligible VOCs

The BRE have provided clarification that panelling/items with a factory finish should be assessed as “Wood based products” and therefore the products used to achieve the finish are not subject to BREEAM VOC requirements. See the note from the BREEAM Knowledge Base below:

“Performance requirements to be met by finished product

  • Created: 06/06/2016
  • Reference: KBCN0212

Decorative paints and varnishes that occupants are exposed to should be assessed. This is likely to include paints applied to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc.  It should be noted where finishes are applied to the product within the factory, these would be assessed as part of the whole product rather than as decorative paints and varnishes. The product as a whole must meet the requirements, for example if a wood panel has a finish applied to it in the factory, the whole product, i.e. all elements that make up that product, including the finish, would need to comply with the requirements set for wood panel products in the issue.”

Calculation of VOCs

Morrells use the calculation method as described in the United Nations Global Harmonised System (GHS). This is the preferred method to determine the VOC content in a paint formulation rather than the ISO test method quoted in 2004/42 and BRE documentation. For the calculation our raw materials are broken back to their chemical content and assessed for VOC.

During our ISO 9001 certificated manufacturing process each raw material is accurately added to produce a formulation and therefore the quantity of VOC per raw material is known and calculated from the totals of all VOC present.

The VOC content of all our formulations are calculated using this process, which Morrells believe to be a more accurate and reliable method of compliance to VOCs regulations.