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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer

A fully crosslinked single-pack polyurethane clear flooring lacquer with excellent clarity and non-yellowing properties. As induro® XL1 floor lacquer comes fully crosslinked, there are no pot-life limitations. This waterborne self-levelling varnish is ready for use straight from the can and is resistant to abrasion, scuffs and spillage. XL1 has been designed to be used on all solid and engineered wood flooring with light to high traffic. This product is in scope of 2004/42/EC.

Suitable for all internal softwood and hardwood floors in both domestic and commercial environments. XL1 provides extremely strong yet flexible coatings offering outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. When used with induro® GP Floor Sealer and Primer, excellent clarity and wood-warming can be achieved. 

Use after sealing with induro® GP Floor Sealer and Primer or ISO Floor Sealer and Primer for a strong yet flexible coating. XL1 can however be used without GP Seal. Maintain XL1 with induro® Maintenance products. induro® XLA Anti-Slip topcoat also available.

For a harder wearing varnish, see induro® XL2 Flooring Lacquer - ideal for high traffic commercial environments.


Prior to starting the sanding process the floor should be checked for any protruding nail or screw heads and these should either be removed or countersunk. All wooden floors requiring a varnish will have to be sanded. Newly laid floors are sanded to achieve a nice level floor and old floors are sanded to remove existing finishes and to level out worn and heavily used areas.

Sanding will have to be carried out in several grit stages and this will be dependent on the unevenness and general condition of the floor.


Morrells standard Light Fast range of stains give excellent grain definition and overall colour. Due to this range being spirit based (fast drying), care should be taken on application not to stain too large an area at once as this could lead to a patchy appearance once the stain is dry.

  1. Stain should be applied by brush/rag or mohair pad
  2. Remove excesses with a clean rag

It is important to remove as much of excess stain as possible so as not to create a film as this could result in poor adhesion of subsequent coats of lacquer.

Stains intended for other uses i.e. decking, fencing, garden furniture etc should not be considered for floors as these will contain water-repelling properties, and therefore water based floor lacquers would not adhere to these stains.

Application Guidelines

  1. apply using a short mohair roller or similar, or mohair flooring pad or t-bar applicator
  2. apply lacquer evenly making smooth passes, predominantly along the grain
  3. avoid pooling of lacquer

induro® Application Tips

  1. Do not denib the sealer
  2. Denib between coats of induro® XL1
  3. avoid equipment containing copper, iron, zinc, aluminium and platinum
  4. carry out an adhesion test on a small test area when overcoating non-induro® flooring products
  5. use equipment solely nominated for waterborne products only
  6. not suitable for pulling over
  7. optimum application between 18°C and 22°C with good air movement and ventilation
  8. for professional use only


  1. After 80-100 grit sanding stage, mix induro® Mix'n'Fill with sanding dust and fill gaps smaller than 6mm
  2. Fill gaps larger than 6mm with Hot-Melt Filler or Morrells® One-Part or Two-Part Filler
  3. Complete the sanding regime
  • XL1 can be applied according to the physical resistance required. For higher use environments, build the coating with more coats
  • GP Seal can be used to achieve a wood-warming effect, as well as to promote adhesion of the topcoat. XL1 can however be used without GP Seal

Domestic finish

  1. 1 coat of induro® GP Floor Sealer and Primer at 130-150ml per m2 (Dry Film Thickness ~ 42μm)
  2. Do not sand or denib the sealer coat
  3. First coat of induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer at 100-120ml per m2 (Dry Film Thickness ~ 30-35μm)
  4. Lightly sand the coat with rotary sander 150 - 180 grit mesh
  5. Sweep and vacuum the floor
  6. Last coat of induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer at 100-120ml per m2 (Dry Film Thickness ~ 30-35μm)

Commercial finish

  1. 1 coat of induro® GP Floor Sealer and Primer at 130-150ml per m2 (Dry Film Thickness ~ 42μm)
  2. Do not sand or denib the sealer coat
  3. Between each coat of XL1, lightly sand with rotary sander 150-180 grit mesh then vacuum and sweep the floor
  4. 3 coats of induro® XL1 Floor Lacquer at 100-120ml per m2 (Dry Film Thickness ~ 30-35μm)
  5. Add additional coats if required

  • Pack size: 5L
  • Touch dry: 20 - 30 minutes @ 18°C
  • Recoatable: 2 - 3 hours minimum @ 18°C
  • Coats (domestic use): 2
  • Coats (commercial use): 3
  • Light use: 24 hours @ 18°C
  • Fully hard: 5 - 7 days @ 18°C
  • Traffic: Light - medium traffic once fully hard
  • Coverage: 40m² per 5 litres dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated

Product Codes

8GL/284B induro® XL1 90% gloss floor lacquer
8SA/284B induro® XL1 50% semi-gloss floor lacquer
8SM/284B induro® XL1 30% semi-matt floor lacquer
8MA/284B induro® XL1 10% matt floor lacquer
NATRO% induro® NATRO 0% dead-matt floor lacquer


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