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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Morrells Holzol worktop-oil

holzol® Food Safe Worktop-Oil

A food- and child-safe, fast drying blend of natural oils with a pleasant bouquet, designed to penetrate solid wood worktops, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Offering a natural effect and a high re…


holzol® Furniture-Oil

A blend of natural oils, hybrid resins and micronised waxes to enhance the intrinsic beauty of all timber surfaces. Water and dirt repellent, soft to the touch yet supremely durable. Suitable for all …


holzol® Floor-Oil

A blend of urethane, natural oils and hybrid resins designed to achieve a tough floor finish and enhance grain definition on all types of solid and engineered floors. Water and dirt repellent, soft to…

Morrells Holzol exterior weather-oil

holzol® Exterior Weather-Oil

A range of high opacity microporous clear and pigmented oils designed for exterior weather protection with active ingredients to protect against mould and fungi. holzol® Weather-Oil is a specific blen…

Morrells Holzol weather-stain

holzol® Exterior Weather-Stain Oil

A natural oil and resin-based pigmented exterior oil for a non-peeling impregnating finish. This range of holzol® contains UV-filters that offer excellent resistance to weather and sunlight along with…

Morrels holzol deck-oil

holzol® Exterior Deck-Oil

A blend of natural oils modified with urethane resin for use on decking, garden furniture, fences, and boats. UV filters keep the wood looking alive and vibrant in tone by preventing fading and oxidis…


holzol® Quick-Oil

A fast drying resin and natural oil formulation for site work and painting contractors. Water and dirt repellant, extremely durable and easy to apply. Suitable for bar work, counters, panelling, archi…


holzol® Anti-Slip Oil

A formulation of natural oils and resins designed to offer a tough, anti-slip finish for floors that also enhances grain definition. Water and dirt repellent, soft to the touch and supremely durable, …

Morrells holzol waxy-oil

holzol® Waxy-Oil

A unique oil that contains a fine dispersion of natural waxes, ideal for internal furniture, beams and wall panelling. Offering superior protection, holzol® Waxy-Oil offers excellent water repellence …


holzol®, a technically advanced range of oils, blends plant-based ingredients with hybrid natural resins to achieve outstanding performance. By using natural ingredients, holzol is able to soak into the wood more efficiently, coating the internal structure and providing an unsurpassed level of protection. Unlike paints which sit atop the wood, oils seep in, maintaining the natural feel of a natural substance. 

Offering food- and child-safe products, furniture-grade oils, exterior protection and staining, anti-slip qualities and more rapid drying times, the holzol® range provides a product for all purposes.

The real beauty of holzol® however is its universal appeal: anyone can use it and everyone gets a great finish. holzol® is so easy to apply, and because it seeps deep into the pores of the wood, it always gives a pleasing just-below-the-surface silky-smooth finish.

The holzol® range of advanced technology natural wood oils compliments Morrells’ growing range of environmentally-conscious coatings. Improved touch-dry and hard-dry times are a hallmark of the range, as is durability, with impressive resistance to abrasion, wet-heat, chemical attack and impact.

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