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induro® Floor Maintenance Products

Especifically designed to compliment the induro® range of floor coatings. These products are not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, for example bathrooms and swimming pool walkways.

GP Cleanse

Use with induro® XL1, XL2 and XLO. Dilute with 5 parts water for general cleaning, or use neat for stubborn stains and marks: 

  1. moisten a lint-free cloth or mohair pad to wipe the area, turning the cloth or washing the pad as it picks up dirt residue;
  2. when all dirt removed (the cloth is clean after wiping the surface), continue to XL Revive or XLO Revive.

XL Revive 10/30 

Use with induro® XL1 and XL2 only. XL Revive is supplied ready for use, thinning is not recommended. For 10% sheen induro® XL1 and XL2 use XL Revive 10, for 30% induro® XL1 and XL2 use XL Revive 30:

  1. working with the grain, use a lint free cloth or mohair paid to to evenly apply a thin layer of XL Revive over the whole surface;
  2. allow the surface to dry prior to use and ensure no pooling of either product.

XLO Revive

Use with induro® XLO only. induro® XLO Revive is supplied ready for use, thinning is not recommended:

  1. working with the grain, use a lint free cloth, mohair pad or, on larger areas a t-bar, to evenly apply a thin layer of XLO Revive over the whole surface;
  2. ensure no pooling of XLO Revive, allow surface to dry before use.

induro® Maintenance Tips

  1. use entrance mats and furniture leg pads to avoid damage to the finish
  2. wipe up and remove liquid spills immediately
  3. frequently sweep/vacuum using a hard-floor attachment
  4. when required, use a lightly damped mop to remove light dirt
  5. avoid wet cleaning and vacuuming until lacquer has reached full cure (7 days post application)
  6. trim pet claws and nails to reduce scratches and indentations

  • Pack sizes: 1L, 5L & 25L
  • XL Revive touch dry / recoat: 30 minutes @ 18°C
  • XLO Revive touch dry / recoat: 3 - 4 hours @ 18°C
  • XL Revive careful use: 1 hour @ 18°C
  • XLO Revive careful use: 4 hours @ 18°C
  • Full cure: 24 hours @ 18°C

Product Codes

8CL/000 GP Cleanse
8RE/131 XL Revive 10
8RE/133 XL Revive 30
7RE/251 XLO Revive


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