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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

induro® in-sitUV Lacquer

induro® UV-curable waterborne varnish for on-site use. The lacquer can be put straight into full service after the final cure of the topcoat, thereby significantly reducing costly downtime. Can be used on floors, bar-tops and other wooden surfaces. Available as a clear product in matt, semi-matt, satin and gloss.

  • Extreme chemical and physical resistance
  • Self-sealing, no primer or basecoat required
  • Easy to apply with roller, t-bar or foam pad

A technically advanced waterborne coating system for wood and parquet floors and flat top surfaces which combines the benefits of the latest developments in raw materials with UV-curing equipment.

Developed and formulated to provide an instant-cure capability after water removal to allow new or refurbished wooden surfaces to be put into use immediately. The potential for damage during a cure period can be eliminated with the use of induro® in-sitUV lacquer.

  • Free from NMP, NEP, formaldehyde and isocyanate
  • No lingering odour, non-flammable, no pot-life
  • 26g/L of VOC


  1. Sand the floor, parquet or counter-top back to wood with a mechanical sander using appropriate grits or screens, typically finishing with 120 grit on flooring and 180 grit on counter-tops.
  2.  Check and record the moisture content of the substrate in several places taking care to include extremities such as around thresholds, near windows and by radiators. The moisture content should be between 6% and 12%.

  3. Apply the first coat of induro® in-sitUV at 70–85g/m2 per coat wet (dry film thickness ~30μm per coat) and allow to fully dry. Typical drying times would be in the region of 45–90 minutes dependent on the conditions.

  4. Check that the moisture content is back to its original level before proceeding. Failure to do this will trap moisture in the film and result in milkiness/patchiness. Do a visual check for any water retention in the coating and ensure it dissipates before continuing.

  5. Do not sand and do not cure the first coat.

  6. Apply the second coat of induro® in-sitUV at 95–120g/m2 per coat wet (dry film thickness ~40μm) and allow all the residual water to dry and leave the coating. The coating will be dry to the touch and clear when all the water has left the film.

  7. Re-check the moisture content in the same as previously. Optimal curing will be obtained when the moisture content is either between 68% or at least back to its original pre-coating process moisture content.

  8. Check all areas of the surface visually for any signs of water retention or whiteness.

  9. Cure the surface with a portable UV curing unit, typically at a pace of 6–10m/min and with a Hg (mercury) lamp with width of between 20–45cm and a typical output of ca. 90W/cm. Morrells recommends Decorad equipment.

  10. Work in an organised fashion and plan the curing route prior to curing to avoid missing areas and to ensure the whole surface is fully cured. Always overlap by between 30-50% of the cure path.

Product Codes

U6GL/324 induro® in-sitUV Gloss
U6SA/324 induro® in-sitUV Satin
U6SM/324 induro® in-sitUV Semi-Matt
U6MA/324 induro® in-sitUV Matt