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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

induro® XLO Natural Floor Oil

These oils are formulated with a blend of urethane and natural oils for use on all types of solid and engineered flooring, such as parquet. They produce a smooth, natural finish with excellent resistance against water and other household liquids. Oiled finishes are easily and quickly maintained with additional coats once tired.

induro® Oil can now be Fastmatch® colour-matched like our original lacquers.

Click here for maintenance products for the induro® range.

  • Pack size: 5L
  • Dry and re-coat: 3 - 4 hours each for clears, 4 - 6 hours each for pigmented
  • Traffic: light - high traffic with good maintenance
  • Coverage: 40 - 60m² per 5 litres dependent upon the application method, and absorbency and surface quality of the timber being coated

Product Codes

7FO/50430B induro® XLO 30% sheen clear oil 5L
7FO/50430C induro® XLO 30% sheen clear oil 25L
7FO/50410B induro® XLO 10% sheen clear oil 5L
7FO/50410C induro® XLO 10% sheen clear oil 25L
7FO/50490B induro® XLO 90% sheen clear oil 5L
7FO/50490C induro® XLO 10% sheen clear oil 5L


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