omnia Exterior Joinery Coatings

omnia® exterior wood joinery coatings provide ultimate protection against UV, weather damage and wood rot. omnia by Morrells offers many years protection against the elements as long as timber selection, preparation and design meet TWA scheme criteria and requirement standards, and the application of the coatings are in accordance with the appropriate Morrells product data and/or specification. Very exposed or coastal locations can reduce the longevity of all exterior coatings. For this reason annual inspections and maintenance must be carried out with the omnia maintain range of products.

For full details on finishing exterior joinery please consult or download Morrells Practical Guide to Joinery Finishing before starting any new project.

omnia® Knotting

Knotting will help prevent, but not completely stop, the resinous excretion exuding from the knot after the timber has been painted.


omnia® Preserve

A clear waterborne timber treatment with specific additives which protect the structure of the wood and actively control discolouration. omnia Preserve is formulated to provide surface protection agai…


omnia® End Grain Sealer

A waterborne sealer used to reduce moisture absorption and close the porosity of timber end grain. This product must be used as part of the recommended omnia® system. 8ES/000 is a high viscosity produ…


omnia® Prime

A high build fast-dry waterborne white primer with excellent covering power and easy sanding. This product locks-in the staining effects of tropical hardwoods and other timbers rich in tannin and natu…


omnia® Clear

A unique clear topcoat with hybrid-microporous technology and UV diffusers giving unrivalled weather resistance. The structure of the wood is protected from long term UV damage. Available in semi-matt…


omnia® White & Colours

A high opacity waterborne acrylic polyurethane topcoat with an ultrasmooth finish, superior gloss retention and outstanding weather resistance.

Available in white plus all BS, RAL & NCS or custom…