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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

omnia® Exterior Joinery Coatings

omnia® Clear Exterior System

omnia® Clear is a multi-component wood coating system that offers ultimate protection against UV, weather damage and wood rot. omnia® Clear has been tested under years of accelerated weathering to pro…


omnia® Knot Sealer

A pale shellac solution formulated to seal knots found in timber. Knotting solution will help prevent extractive staining but will not completely stop the resinous excretion exuding from the knot afte…


omnia® Protect

A high performance waterborne timber protector ideally suited to dip, flow, spray and brush application. Offering excellent coverage and durability, complete with specific additives which protect the …


omnia® End Grain Sealer

A waterborne sealer used to reduce moisture absorption and to close the porosity of timber end grain. This product must be used as part of the recommended omnia® system. omnia® End Grain Sealer is a h…


omnia® Clear Exterior Topcoat

A range of high performance exterior waterborne lacquers with hybrid-microporous technology and UV diffusers to give unrivalled weather resistance. The structure of the wood is protected from long ter…


omnia® Pre-Treatment

A stain-inhibiting waterborne treatment ideally suited to spray application, offering excellent isolating power and durability for exterior Joinery applications. This product is recommended as a pre-t…


omnia® Primer

A high build fast-dry waterborne white primer with excellent covering power and easy sanding. This product inhibits the staining effects of tropical woods and other timbers rich in tannin and natural …


omnia® White & Colour Exterior Topcoat

A high opacity, waterborne acrylic polyurethane range of pigmented coloured topcoat for exterior joinery. This range is recommended as a topcoat over both omnia® Prime (stain-limiting primer) or omnia…


omnia® Maintenance

Exterior Joinery Maintenance Guide

Whilst timber coating systems are guaranteed to last many years in an exterior environment, certain considerations must be made to ensure joinery remains in a sound…


omnia® is a multi-component wood coating system that offers ultimate protection against UV, weather damage and wood rot. Consisting of omnia® Wood Protect, End Grain Sealer, White Primer, and Clear and Opaque Topcoats, omnia® has been developed to multiple British Standards for exterior joinery. The omnia® exterior wood coating system also includes additional products: omnia® Knotting to help prevent extractive staining and omnia® Prime Pre-Treatment to further isolate and suppress extractives from woods, such as idigbo, sapele, western red cedar, mahogany, or other timber species that may stain the coating.

omnia® Exterior Joinery Coatings are suitable for multiple wood types, as well as Accoya® acetylated wood. Guidelines for the use of omnia® with Accoya® can be found in the omnia® Exterior Joinery Guide for Accoya®.

omnia® offers many years of protection against the elements as long as timber selection, preparation and design meet TWA scheme criteria and requirement standards, and the application of the wood coatings are in accordance with the appropriate Morrells product data and/or specification. This range has been extensively tested to BS 927-3 (Natural Exposure) and BS EN 927-6 (Accelerated Exposure) for use as an wooden exterior joinery finish. Though omnia® offers UV protection, water repellency and weather protection, very exposed or coastal locations can reduce the longevity of all exterior coatings. For this reason annual inspections and maintenance must be carried out according to the omnia® Maintenance Guide.

For full details on finishing exterior joinery please download Morrells Guide to Exterior Joinery Finishing before starting any new project.

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