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Interior Lacquers

Morrells Pre-Catalysed, Acid-Catalyst, Waterborne, UV-Curable and Fastmatch colour-matched lacquers for interior use on furniture, joinery, floors and more.

Pre-Catalysed - high solids pre-catalysed lacquer systems from Morrells are formulated to give a fuller finish with as few coats as possible. This range can be used coat-on-coat or over the recommended basecoat. Available products: 25% and 28% solids lacquers, 32% solids MDF sealer, hydrocarbon-free primer and Fastmatch colour.

Acid-Catalyst - quick drying, easy sanding AC lacquers designed for spray application coat-on-coat. Formulated to FIRA 6250 - Horizontal Surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops), Severe Use for resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit solutions and a wide range of household chemicals. Available in Fastmatch colour-matched lacquers, Very Fast Dry, High Build Fast Dry, Low Odour High Build and Extra High Solids Compliant varieties. 

Waterborne - a market-leading range of ultra high performance waterborne lacquers offering excellent clarity and build. Available in standard or Italian versions, Morrells Italian Waterborne Lacquers have been developed in conjunction with Technology Partners in Italy to bring an even greater level of performance, available in clear and high build basecoat as well as white and pigmented Fastmatch one- and two-pack.

UV-Curable - the majority of Morrells' UV products contain no solvents, hence no emissions. Available for hand- and auto-spray as well as rollercoater application.

Morrells Pre-Catalysed Laquers

Pre-Catalysed lacquers formulated to give a fuller finish with fewer coats. Meets FIRA standard 6250:2005 General Use for horizontal surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops).

Morrells provides a bespoke…


Morrells Acid-Catalyst Lacquers

Quick drying, easy sanding acid catalyst lacquers designed for manual or automatic spray application, coat-on-coat. Formulated to provide outstanding resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit s…


Morrells Waterborne Lacquers

A market-leading range of ultra high performance waterborne lacquers ideally suited to spray application, offering excellent clarity and build. Formulated on an internally crosslinking aqueous polymer…


Morrells UV-Curable Coatings

The Morrells range of ultra-violet cure coatings offers an extensive portfolio of technically advanced products for modern mass production applications. Ideal for use on furniture, including kitchens …


Morrells Fastmatch® Colours


Fastmatch® Colour matching from Morrells is the foundation of all our customers' colour matching requirements. Over 100,000 colours at the touch of a button and the shake of a tin.

Fastmatch® is a…