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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

UV-Curable Sealer / Basecoats

Formulated on a combination of resins, fillers and initiators, these products are suited to various substrates including veneer, solid wood and engineered board. With excellent sanding properties they…


UV-Curable Rollercoater Topcoat

The careful selection of resins, matting agents, waxes and photoinitiators has produced coatings that are ideally suited to application by conventional rollercoaters. They offer superb chemical and ph…


UV-Curable Opti/Lazer Rollercoater Topcoat

The balanced combination of resins, matting agents, waxes and photoinitiators have been formulated to be applied over pre-sealed substrates using grooved Opti/Lazer rollercoaters. As with the conventi…


UV-Curable Rollercoater Combi Topcoat

These lacquers are based on a combination of solvent free UV-curable acrylate resin systems and selected fillers. They have been specifically formulated to provide the benefits of a conventional basec…


UV-Curable Waterborne Lacquers

With excellent drying properties and adhesion to various substrates, these lacquers provide finishes with superb appearance and feel. They are formulated for autospray application and therefore are id…


UV-Curable Vacuum Coater Lacquer

These products are specifically formulated to be low viscosity for vacuum coating. Their reactivity allows them to be used at line speeds in excess of 50m per minute.


The Morrells range of morlux® ultra-violet (UV) curable coatings offers an extensive range of technically advanced products for modern mass production applications. Ideal for use on furniture, including kitchens and bathrooms, flooring materials (cork tiles, woodblock and parquet), doors, architraves and picture frames. Systems based on Morrells morlux® UV-curable products will meet the requirements of FIRA Standard 6250 for horizontal surfaces and Severe Use.

The majority of morlux® UV-curable products are 100% solids and therefore contain no solvents or emissions. Due to the speed of cure, energy requirements are lower than those of conventional lacquers. Although applied at considerably lower coating weights than conventional lacquers, morlux® UV-curable products create durable coatings with excellent chemical and physical resistance properties. They are available in a variety of sheen levels from matt to high gloss.

As the majority are solvent free, the lacquers can be cured immediately after application. Curing is virtually an instantaneous process, requiring a second or less of UV radiation to achieve a 100% cured film. Once cured, coated components can be stacked and packed straight off the production line.

The most common method of application is by rollercoater, either conventional or grooved opti/lazer rollercoater, which is used for flat panel stock such as flush doors, office, kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Vacuum coaters are increasingly used to apply UV-curable products to a wide variety of mouldings and extrusions. The morlux® range of waterborne UV-curable lacquers are ideally suited to application by auto-spraying, again used for flat stock panels but also profiles, raised and fielded panels, and more.

Strong contacts with major UV equipment manufacturers allows Morrells UV team to work in conjunction with customers and manufacturers to ensure that the products, application and curing systems fully meet their specific requirements. This commitment begins with the initial planning through to commissioning of plant, training of operatives and continues with on-going support and back-up.