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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Morrells Pre-Catalyst Lacquers

/329 MDF Sealer

A high build, clear, 32% solids, fast drying pre-catalysed sealer specifically formulated for use on MDF substrates. Due to the nature of the solvents this product will not encourage the dissolution o…


/519 Hydrocarbon-Free Pre-Catalyst Primer

A hydrocarbon-free, pre-catalysed fast drying, easy to sand, single pack white primer with good covering power. Formulated for compatibility with MDF and suitable for all wooden substrates. Also avail…


/250 Pre-Catalyst Clear Lacquers

A clear, high quality, medium 25% solids fast drying pre-catalysed lacquer for manual or automatic spray application, coat-on-coat or over Morrells /250 Pre-Catalyst Basecoat. Also available in a ‘wax…


/280 High Solids Pre-Catalyst Clear Lacquers

A premium 28% high solids pre-catalysed clear lacquer formulated to give a fuller finish with fewer coats and to prevent aeration on deep-grained timbers such as crown-cut mahogany. Use coat-on-coat.


/289 Hydrocarbon-Free Pre-Catalyst Clear Lacquer

A clear, high quality, high solids, fast drying pre-catalysed system formulated without the use of hydrocarbon solvents specifically to overcome the potential problems of wax migration when coating MD…


/350 White Pre-Catalyst Lacquers

A high build, fast drying white pre-catalysed system. Can be used either over the recommended Morrells /519 Pre-Catalysed Primer or coat-on-coat.

Meets the requirements of BS (FIRA Std) 6250 for hori…


Fastmatch® Pre-Catalyst Colours

A very fast drying, high opacity range of durable single pack pre-catalysed interior coatings suitable for all areas where resistance to aggressive abrasion, heat or chemical attack is not required. A…


Pre-Catalyst Lacquer for Brushing

A pre-catalysed system specifically formulated for brush application. This range can be used over any of the recommended basecoats or coat-on-coat.

If recommended basecoats are in use, thin the Brush…


MultiPrime™ Primer for Multiple Surfaces

MultiPrime™ is a quick drying, high build, high opacity white single-pack primer specifically formulated for use on multiple substrates including MDF, wood-based products, melamine foils, paper/plasti…


High solids pre-catalysed lacquer systems from Morrells are formulated to give a fuller finish with as few coats as possible, meeting FIRA standard 6250:2005 General Use for Horizontal Surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops). This range can be used coat-on-coat or over the recommended basecoat. Available products: 25% and 28% solids lacquers, 32% solids MDF sealer, hydrocarbon-free primer and Fastmatch colour.

Morrells provides a bespoke Fastmatch® colour matching service for Pre-Catalyst lacquers.