Grain Fillers

Morrells Grain Fillers are designed to fill the open grain of timbers like mahogany and oak; they are always applied after any base staining and only when the stain is fully dry. Suitable for hand- and spray-application and overcoatable with any Morrells lacquer. The VOC content of this range meets the requirements of the Secretary of States Guidance Note for Wood Coating Processes PG6/33(11) Appendix 2.


Hand - for maximum efficiency, these materials should be applied with a piece of Hessian or curtaining. It should be applied liberally to the surface and then rubbed into the grain of the timber with a circular action.

Spray - the filler should be thinned with 10% 4870/000 before being spray applied to the timber with a large nozzle combination.

Following hand or spray application, the excess should then be removed with clean piece of Hessian/curtaining by rubbing across the grain as rubbing with the grain will remove the filler from the grain. When the surface is as clean as possible, lightly wipe along the grain. When dry, the surface should be lightly sanded with a worn piece of fine grit paper along the grain before lacquering.

Always consult Morrells Technical Service Department prior to the use of these materials.

  • Pack sizes: 1.7kg & 7kg
  • Touch dry: 4 hours minimum @ 18°C
  • Overcoat: Leave 24 hours for best results
  • Coverage: 40m² per 7 kg dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated

Product Codes

4842/000 White
4843/000 Transparent
4881/100 Natural Mahogany
4881/200 Brown Mahogany
4881/300 Dark Mahogany
4881/500 Rosewood
4881/600 Reproduction Mahogany
4882/000 Golden Oak
4882/100 Light Oak
4882/200 Medium Oak
4882/300 Dark Oak
4882/400 Jacobean
4888/000 Teak
4890/000 Walnut
4891/000 Yew
4870/000 Grain Filler Thinner


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