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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Liming Paste and Compounds

Liming Paste and Compound have both been produced to give a limed oak effect.

Liming Paste

  • easier to apply than liming compound
  • needs to be applied over a thin coat of lacquer
  • works best with Morrells Cellulose and Pre-Catalysed lacquers, but can be used with Acid-Catalyst (poor adhesion or delamination may result)

Liming Compound

  • more difficult to apply than liming paste
  • can be applied directly to the timber
  • unlikely to give poor adhesion or delamination with Morrells Acid-Catalyst



  • if staining timber, stain prior to any liming and allow to fully dry
  • if using Liming Compound, skip to Liming. Continue reading if using Liming Paste
  • to promote adhesion of Liming Paste, apply a thin sealing coat of lacquer and allow to dry
  • lightly sand with 240g or finer, 320g with Morrells Acid-Catalyst lacquers, but do not sand through the sealing coat


  • apply the liming paste by hand using a soft cloth, ensuring the grain is filled
  • remove excess from the surface by rubbing with the grain
  • leave to dry for a minimum of 4 hours
  • lightly sand with worn fine-grit sandpaper to remove surplus paste and nibs


  • apply a thin coat of lacquer and allow to dry
  • lightly denib and apply a normal coat of lacquer
  • use of coat-on-coat lacquers is recommended
  • use the same lacquer throughout the process


Product Codes

494/000 White Liming Paste
494/xxx Coloured Liming Pastes
4940/000 White
4940/xxx Coloured Liming Compound


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