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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Soft Wax Stick Pack

With Morrells® soft wax sticks you can quickly and safely remove defects. The restored areas of the wood maintain consistency and colour, and are not subject to deterioration.

Completely based on natural waxes, this product is overcoatable and non-harmful for the restoration of wooden surfaces.

Perfect for quick and easy repairs, whilst being grease free.

Available in multiple different shades as well as an assortment pack.

Product Codes

PM10001 Soft Wax Light Natural Oak
PM10002 Soft Wax Natural Oak
PM10005 Soft Wax Pine
PM10007 Soft Wax Red Walnut
PM10008 Soft Wax Natural Wood
PM10009 Soft Wax Light Teak
PM1000D Soft Wax Dark Assortment
PM1000L Soft Wax Light Assortment
PM10010 Soft Wax Larch
PM10014 Soft Wax Old Walnut
PM10030 Soft Wax Cherry
PM10033 Soft Wax Dark Mahogany
PM10036 Soft Wax Light Mahogany
PM10040 Soft Wax Maple
PM10041 Soft Wax Natural Beech
PM10042 Soft Wax Beech
PM10046 Soft Wax Brown
PM10048 Soft Wax Medium Oak
PM10050 Soft Wax White
PM10051 Soft Wax Light Oak
PM10052 Soft Wax Dark Oak
PM10058 Soft Wax Dark Rosewood
PM10060 Soft Wax Black
PM10062 Soft Wax Mahogany
PM10112 Soft Wax Beige