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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Wood Finishes Morrells Wood Finishes Ltd Stockport

Maintenance of Woodfinishes

All of our industrial wood coatings can be properly maintained in a good, clean condition by simply wiping at regular intervals with a soft chamois leather or cloth moistened with tepid water.

Morrells has developed a maintenance product called Perfecta® Shield which is suitable for all finishes. Shield is waterbased and has a pleasant coconut scent.

If the coating has become ‘grubby’ due to the accumulation of contaminants such as secretions from hands, minor spillages of household liquids such as tea, coffee and sauces, a small amount of mild detergent (less than 1% by volume of proprietary brands such as Fairy Liquid and Morning Fresh are commonly used) added to the water will ease this cleaning operation. After cleaning, any excess water should be wiped off immediately with a soft dry cloth to leave the coated surface completely dry.

Good working practice to avoid unnecessary damage to coated items includes the regular use of protective coasters, table mats and covers especially where hot utensils are used, and the quick removal of any liquids or other materials which may be spilled on the surface. If these materials are allowed to dwell on the surface damage may occur.

Liquid Sprays

It is not advisable to use wax-containing polishes as they can very quickly cause a buildup of wax residues on the lacquer surface which will become embedded with dust and dirt and result in a grubby appearance. These wax residues can also alter the degree of sheen of the lacquer surface i.e. matt finishes can become glossy.

Industrial Cleaners/Detergents

Morrells recommends the avoidance of proprietary branded industrial cleaners which may contain bleaching agents, abrasives and other chemical additives as it is not possible to test every combination of cleanser and lacquered surface. Some detergents can have a detrimental effect on the lacquered surface and cause visible and lasting damage. It is highly recommended that users test an area of the lacquered surface with their chosen cleaner/detergent as Morrells cannot support their use without prior extended testing.

Clear & Pigmented Acid-Catalysts

This type of coating are formulated for use on surfaces which require a high level of performance and resistance to chemical degradation, primarily from household chemicals such as tea, coffee, perfume, blackcurrant, red wine and nail varnish remover and physical damage such as scratches, impact-marking and adhesion. They are able to meet the performance requirements FIRA Standard 6250 Horizontal Surfaces (excluding kitchen worktops), Severe Use. Typical areas of use would include office furniture, contract furniture and kitchens.

In area’s where regular use and cleaning would be experienced it is recommended that a final coat of clear AC lacquer with 2% of the original paint added to offset colour difference is applied over the pigmented AC finish to increase durability primarily as the strong colourants in household liquids such as red wine and blackcurrant can potentially stain a pigmented finish more readily if left to dwell. Care should be taken to ensure that compatible clear and pigmented materials are used – please contact our Technical Service team (0161 406 5300) for information. Always consult the relevant Product Data Sheet, copies of which can be downloaded at here.